All vascular lasers work by emitting a very specific wavelength of light that is absorbed by anything red. In this case it will be the oxyhemoglobin in red blood cells. The theory is that the overlying skin is spared since it is not red, but the target chromophore is this red pigment within blood vessels. By destroying this, the blood vessel as well will heat up and be destroyed, and then the body’s scavenger cells (macrophages) will come in and digest and remove these tissues. Of course, nothing is perfect and there can and will be variability in the nature of this “clearing” once the target damage has been accomplished. The theory is that we selectively destroy the blood vessels under the skin while sparing overlying skin and other structures such as the melanocytes that give pigment and skin color.

Anything red can be treated – facial veins, leg veins, port wine stains and even acne. In fact, because there is blood at deeper levels of the dermis, this same laser can even be used to treat wrinkles in a different mode.

If you are going elsewhere for “laser” – make sure it’s a laser!   Epilight, Photofacial, IPL, and LED’s are  NOT LASERS!

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