The laser emits a beam of light that seeks targeted tissues. It is NOT radiation! The Smoothbeam laser alters the function and output of the sebaceous gland. Following treatment it will produce less oil and the need for Accutane or antibiotics may be reduced or eliminated. Without a food supply (the oil), the bacteria won’t want to populate the skin and there may be no need to take further and potentially dangerous oral medications. Instead, the Smoothbeam emits the longest wavelength for this purpose, and thus penetrates more deeply to the level of the sebaceous glands. This was the first FDA-approved laser specifically for acne. A reduction in lesion count may be seen immediately after the first treatment. During the initial studies, even six months after the completion of therapy, there was up to 100% decrease in lesion count in some patients. The Norseld Dual Yellow laser works differently – the wavelength at 578 nanometers specifically targets protoporphyrin IX. This is a chemical released by the bacteria that cause acne, and these bacteria are thus destroyed. In addition, this wavelength specifically reduces red skin color, and will make inflammatory lesions less obvious and less red.

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