The GentleLASE Alexandrite Long Pulse and CoolGlide YAG hair removal lasers emit a beam of light that is selectively absorbed by the pigment in the base or bulb of the hair. When the specific wavelength finds the pigment it is looking for, it is selectively absorbed into the target tissue, and then the light turns into heat. The heat then destroys just that tissue and no others nearby. Laser hair removal is so much better than traditional electrolysis because with the electrolysis the procedure is “blind.” One passes the needle through the skin in the direction parallel to the hairs hoping that you will hit the root or the bulb, but you don’t know that and you can’t see it. If the hair curls away under the skin, then you have missed.   The burn is directed into just plain skin. With the laser, the beam of light “floods” all of the surrounding skin depending on the spot size. Any hair bulbs, whether they are twisted or curved will be targeted and destroyed no matter where they are. No guessing is necessary. This selective destruction spares the skin above, around, and below the intended target.

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