Botox® Cosmetic and DysportTM are naturally derived proteins that can temporarily block the nerves that activate the muscles that cause you to frown or to have wrinkles. If you can’t contract that muscle, then the wrinkle may be diminished or disappear. Patients often ask how these products work on wrinkles that are already there, but please remember that just moments ago you were probably frowning or squinting anyway, and the wrinkles that you currently see were exaggerated just very recently. These muscles are not used for anything else but the creation of the wrinkle (and facial expression), and therefore it is safe to put them at rest. They will very slowly begin to wake up, and as you see your wrinkle begin to reappear you may schedule another appointment. Botox® Cosmetic and DysportTM don’t work for the first 2-10 days, but then they last 4-6 months.  With repeated injections over time, the muscle that is put to sleep may slowly atrophy and become weaker. As it does, it will wake up a little less each time and the wrinkle may begin to disappear on a more permanent basis.  The result is that you won’t have to come in as often for these treatments and what few wrinkles that are left will be diminished.


There is a fee for your first visit with our staff. If you decide to have your Botox® Cosmetic or DysportTM treatment on the day of that visit, the consultation fee will be waived. The fee is waived if Botox® Cosmetic or DysportTM is the only thing that is discussed at that visit, and if it is the sole purpose of that visit. If any other items are discussed at that visit, including the use of Retin A, other treatments for wrinkles, other procedures offered or performed at Dr. Coverman’s office, any other anti-aging therapies, or any other medical problem or condition, the fee will not be waived and the regular office visit fee will apply.  You may be treated on the day of your appointment if medically indicated.  No test dose is necessary.


You may see exciting “sales” advertised in the newspapers.  Typically they may say something like “30% off” or “$40 off first area,” “$60 off second area” and so forth. Exactly what does this mean? $60 off what? 30% off what price? Remember, if Botox® Cosmetic or DysportTM is going to work properly, you need 30 units per area of Botox, and 50 units of DysportTM. If anyone advertises a sale you really need to do the math. The bottom line should be this: Did you get all 30 or 50 units, and what exactly did you pay? At Dr. Coverman’s office you always get 30 or 50 units. If you don’t understand someone else’s “purported” sale – ASK! Just do the math and you will see four things consistent in Dr. Coverman’s practice:

  1. You always get 30 or 50 units
  2. You always get the same price
  3. No fake “sales!”
  4. You always get REAL Botox® Cosmetic or DysportTM
  5. We purchase our product directly from the original USA manufacturer.  Never off the Internet or off-shore.

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