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Welcome to the Austin Dermatology Clinic

Austin Dermatology Clinic was founded in 1978 by Dr. Coverman.

Michael H. Coverman, MD

Hi! I am Dr. Coverman, and I would like to tell you a bit about myself, my background, training, and interests.

I was born in Ohio, but grew up in Miami where my father established his dental practice in 1955. I attended local public schools and then completed my pre-medical studies at the University of Florida in 1967. I then came back to the University of Miami School of Medicine and graduated with my M.D. degree in 1971. At that time my original interests were in cardiology, but I always remembered my special training in medical school learning dermatology. I was fortunate to work within one of the finest dermatology departments in the world, and several of my teachers have gone on to become world famous in their fields as well as chairmen of their own dermatology departments.View Dr. Coverman's Online Blog From Miami, I drove literally across the country to Seattle, Washington to begin my residency in Internal Medicine. This is one of the top 10 Internal Medicine programs in the United States*. I trained with Dr. Robert Petersdorf, the lead author of one of the premier textbooks of Internal Medicine. I completed my Internal Medicine training in 1974, and became board certified that year. I then stayed in Seattle to complete my Dermatology fellowship in 1976, and became Board Certified in Dermatology in 1977. Miami and Seattle: two different parts of the country, two different cultures, two different climates, but two great places to live and experience the best in academics.

Texas Super DoctorMy military service was at Offutt AFB in Omaha, Nebraska as Chief of Dermatology. While there, I obtained a clinical faculty teaching position at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. I taught dermatology residents, and had several spend time with me in my clinic.

Following Omaha, I then looked for a place to live permanently. I chose Austin, Texas for several reasons: it has a southern climate (I love outdoor sports, particularly golf, jogging and tennis), and I wanted a city between the two coasts in order to travel easily to medical meetings and to see family. I also wanted a major university (University of Texas) because of sports, culture, and academics. Austin was, and is, a thriving, aggressive, cultured, and very educated city. It fit all of my needs. The bonus is that Austin is adorned with the great friendliness of Texans. The "Live Music Capital of the World!"

In 1978, I set up my solo practice, and progressed from one employee to thirteen. I have always been hungry to learn more and do more, and every time a new technology, procedure, or medical advance came out, I tried to be the first to learn it, master it, and then use it. In 1981, I became the first doctor in all of Texas to use Zyderm Collagen implants for soft tissue augmentation. In 1983, I traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio and trained on lasers with Dr. Leon Goldman and his staff. Again, I was the first in Austin to use lasers for the skin, and since then have become proficient in the following lasers:

  1. CO2 laser - first in Austin
  2. Argon laser - first in Austin
  3. Neodynium Medlite II Yag laser - first in Austin
  4. Medlite IV Yag laser - first in Austin
  5. Palomar Q Yag 5 - first in Austin
  6. Aura KTP laser - first in Austin
  7. Ultrapulse CO2 laser for resurfacing - first in Austin
  8. Cynosure yellow pulsed dye laser - first in Austin
  9. CoolGlide laser - first in Austin
  10. GentleLase laser - first in Austin
  11. N Lite laser - first in Austin
  12. Smoothbeam laser - first in Austin
  13. Norseld Dual Yellow Laser - first in Austin
  14. Plasma resurfacing - first in Austin
  15. Quantum SR FotoFacial IPL - first in Austin
  16. Fraxel re:store™
  17. Omnilux LED (Phototherapy) - first in Austin
  18. XTRAC Excimer laser

I also became the first Austin dermatologist to open a medically supervised laser skin care salon in 1981. We continue to offer all salon services, and I now work with two licensed aestheticians full time. Within this setting, I was the first dermatologist in Austin to offer the following:

  1. Full salon services
  2. First to offer physician grade skin care products in my office
  3. Laser and injectable treatments
  4. Sclerotherapy for spider veins
  5. FotoFacial using the newest generation Quantum SR IPL

I support many of the performing arts in Austin including the Paramount Theater, the State Theater, Zachary Scott Theater, and the Austin Lyric Opera.

I am a prodigious reader and a student of history and the English language. I read anything I can get my hands on: periodicals, newspapers, and books. I particularly enjoy discussing with my patients the books that they are reading, too. A passion of mine is art and photography, and examples of my own work, as well as that of my family, are proudly displayed in my office.

In addition, I play golf, lift weights, and run. I love to travel and during those travels, I often attend medical meetings. I remain certified by the AMA through its Physicianís Recognition Award and the American Academy of Dermatology through its Continuing Medical Education Award which is updated annually.

I have an overriding principle regarding my practice of medicine: I treat every patient as if they were part of my family, and I consider every one of my staff as part of my family as well. I know that feeling is reciprocated. Every time I go to the doctor myself, I deliberately remind myself what it is like to walk in your shoes. When in other offices, I am aware of my surroundings, the helpfulness and courtesy of the staff, the cleanliness of the office, the professionalism of the physician treating me and even such things as waiting times. Every doctor should occasionally be a patient.

*U.S. News and World Report 2005

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BOTOX® Cosmetic Hyperhidrosis (Sweating) Wrinkles
Fillers for the Treatment of: Acne Scarring Lip Enhancement Smile Line Improvement Scars Wrinkles
Fillers we use: Juvederm® Ultra & Juvederm® Ultra Plus Perlane® Restylane® Radiesse® CosmoPlast®
Lasers for the Treatment of: Acne Smooth Beam Laser
Acne Rosacea Quantum SR FotoFacial Lasers for Vascular Lesions Smooth Beam Laser
Acne Scarring Fraxel re:store™ Smoothbeam for Wrinkles and Scars Portrait Plasma PSR1 for Resurfacing Full Power Portrait Plasma PSR3 for Resurfacing UltraPulse Carbon Dioxide (C02) Rejuvasilk Microdermabrasion
Birth Marks / Broken Blood Vessels / Port Wine Stains
Lasers for Vascular Lesions Quantum SR FotoFacial V Beam Yellow Dye Laser Dual Yellow Laser Cool Glide Laser
Brown Spots / Freckles Portrait Plasma PSR1 for Resurfacing Fraxel re:store™ Quantum SR FotoFacial Rejuvasilk Microdermabrasion
Hemangiomas (Red Moles)
Laser Hair Removal
Melasma / Pregnancy Mask Portrait Plasma PSR1 for Resurfacing Full Power Portrait Plasma PSR3 for Resurfacing Quantum SR FotoFacial Peels
Pigment Disorders Portrait Plasma PSR1 for Resurfacing Full Power Portrait Plasma PSR3 for Resurfacing Quantum SR FotoFacial
Port Wine Stains
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Spider Veins Sclerotherapy Lasers for Vascular Lesions
Sun Damage Portrait Plasma PSR1 for Resurfacing Full Power Portrait Plasma PSR3 for Resurfacing Quantum SR Foto-Facial
Tattoo Removal
Wrinkles Portrait PSR1 for Resurfacing Full Power PSR3 for Resurfacing UltraPulse Carbon Dioxide (C02) Fraxel re:store™ for Laser Resurfacing Smoothbeam for Wrinkles and Scars Rejuvasilk Microdermabrasion
L.E.D. Light Therapy (Omnilux) Acne, Acne Rosacea Actinic Keratosis (AKS) Photoaging, Wrinkles
Microdermabrasion (Rejuvasilk®)
Peels Acid Herbal Glycolic (AHA) Vitalize
Resurfacing for the Treatment of: Acne Scarring / Wrinkles Fraxel re:store™ for Laser Resurfacing Ultrapulse Carbon Dioxide (C02) Full Power Portrait Plasma PSR3 for Resurfacing Portrait Plasma PSR1 for Resurfacing
Pigment Fraxel re:store™ for Laser Resurfacing Ultrapulse Carbon Dioxide (C02) Full Power Portrait Plasma PSR3 for Resurfacing


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